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Our Company

Our company and product will become an integral part of a movement to physical change the landscape of intown Atlanta.  We provide people with a vehicle to be a part of a redevelopment movement into traditional neighborhoods that have rich history, culture and character. We give them a sense of pride in saying, “I live Intown!”

  • Homes located in locations that enhance lifestyles; minutes away from Atlanta's premier shopping centers, restaurants, museums, theaters and entertainment venues

  • Stylish and trendy amenities 

  • Quality and craftsmanship 

  • Value and equity 

  • Timely daily commutes

Our Team

The management team of CityScape is responsible for the creation of several planned communities throughout the metro area such as High Pointe Estates, Preston Hills, Vannoy Park, St John’s, Collier Point and the historic Washington Park neighborhood. With most of our projects focusing on urban revitalization, our trademark upscale and attractive period-style homes offer an “intown” lifestyle, while maintaining the community’s original aesthetic and neighborhood values. CityScape has built a strong reputation on creating comfortable and well-built homes and sustainable communities.













Timeless. Vibrant. Culture. Energetic.

CityScape is an open-ended, real estate firm focusing on producing single and multifamily development that uses an investment strategy to acquire, develop and redevelop intown communities located in the southern region of the U.S. urban markets.



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