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CityScape consistently deliver exceptional service to our valued customers while building tomorrow’s homes today.

Since the first single-family home we built in Summerhill, to the homes built for Bank of America in Reynoldstown, to our own venture as a lifestyle builder for Atlanta’s thriving intown market, CityScape management has changed the face of intown living. The most impressive of all may be that this is just a catapult to becoming a superior residential developer. CityScape continues to seek the best places to build, utilizing the highest architectural standards of design and materials as well as a knowledgeable sales team that fully-understands the needs of its buyers. All of this, while developing a quality subcontractor network that creates exceptional homes and neighborhoods. Our promise is to build homes and communities that consistently deliver a better quality of life to our buyer by providing a quality home with style. From the beginning, CityScape wants to be a company solely focused on the customer — understanding and meeting the living needs of each individual resident. We assure customers that we will continue to provide them with the value, the variety and the service that makes us a premier intown residential developer.

Our Commitment

“Our commitment is to offer a better quality of life with an intown location and provide a higher standard of community development where value equals style” 

-President,  Robb Jones 


  • Urban revitalization and smart communities 
  • Intown lifestyle 
  • Smart home technology
  • Period style architecture
  • Community character
  • Customer care

Development Enterprise Services

  • Community Planning and Coordinating
  • Pre-Project Commencement Planning
    • Site evaluation 
    • Market alignment (product, price, specs p/ market analysis)
    • Product development
  • Housing Construction
  • Sales and Marketing

Timeless. Vibrant. Culture. Energetic.

CityScape is an open-ended, real estate firm focusing on producing single and multifamily development that uses an investment strategy to acquire, develop and redevelop intown communities located in the southern region of the U.S. urban markets.



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